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B-Viewer - the new software to support B series NOVUS ® DVRs

We are pleased to introduced B-Viewer, the new client software for managing CCTV systems based on B series NOVUS ® DVRs. 

B-Viewer is a successor of the CMS software. New features, such as creating multiple split screens with diverse divisions of cameras, running the program on an account other than the Windows administrator and more advanced event notification support, make the operators’ work easier.

B-Viewer is also compatible with NOVUS® 3000 IP series cameras and enables building hybrid systems. 

B-Viewer main features:

  • Simultaneous connection with multiple B Series DVRs and 3000 IP series cameras
  • Up to 100 cameras in one live monitoring window, up to 20 independent display windows
  • Multi screen operation
  • Local recording schedule
  • Remote DVRs configuration, playback, copying of recordings
  • User accounts with individual grants for each user
  • Monitoring of cameras’ and DVRs’ events (motion detection, alarm inputs activation, video loss detection)
  • Dedicated window for display images from devices in which the event has occurred
  • Two-way audio connection
  • Graphical object visualization (maps)
  • Multi-lingual On Screen Display (OSD)

B-Viewer software is provided with all NOVUS® B series DVRs. We have good news for customers who already have B series DVR - you can download software and exchange CMS for B-Viewer.