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About us

Company Overview
AAT Holding sp. z o.o. capital group employs around 600 people and operates in its own 3700 sq. m. facilities located in Warsaw, Poland. The group was established in 1995 and its successful expansion within the security industry resulted in launching in 2000 a new brand of professional CCTV and access control systems. NOVUS® products are distributed all over Europe through a network of authorized distributors. All of them provide customers with technical support and the best service by meeting their various requirements.
As part of our current project to actively strengthen our position on the international market, we are seeking partners who have a history of success and experience in the security industry.

Our Vision
Security is gaining importance in the world we live in and video surveillance proves to be one of the best crime deterrents available today. Yet, in a market split between inexpensive but unreliable no-name products and expensive systems from well-established manufacturers, customers lack a third alternative. NOVUS intends to bridge this gap by offering a variety of high-quality system components at competitive prices. Moreover, by exceeding customer requirements for Safety, Quality, and Efficiency, we aim to become an industry leader in our field.

Our Aim & Mission
We are determined to make the lives of great many people safer. We therefore continuously supply the European security markets with high quality equipment tailored to protect private property, major industrial facilities and public spaces alike. We accomplish that by building and maintaining good customer relationships based on trust and honesty, which is the key factor of our business.

Business Strategy
- Provide a wide range of high-quality products.
- Develop products and introduce innovations into the market.
- Expand sales territory and find a reliable business partner in each country.
- Provide our distributors with support in sales and marketing.
- Provide fast and reliable order processing and logistics.
- Provide personal and efficient technical support to our sales partners and installers.

Sales & Training
Our partners are provided with continuous care and support by the highly qualified sales staff. Each partner is assisted by a competent sales person who conducts the sales from order to delivery, ensuring smooth and fast sales and personal contact with our company.

For our partners we organize a comprehensive training program, aimed to present NOVUS® products or to address specific issues. Training sessions are conducted by our top technicians and take place either in our head quarters or at premises of our partners, allowing to display on-site the complete offer of NOVUS® equipment.

Exhibitions & Marketing
With the help of our distributors worldwide, NOVUS® products are present on numerous local and international security fairs. Through this the brand has become recognized on most markets as a synonym of technical advancement, superior quality and reliability.

We pride ourselves on being able to offer comprehensive marketing assistance. We support our partners with product catalogues, leaflets, brochures, advertisements, promotional gifts, mutual promotions and by assisting them in organizing NOVUS® exhibition stands. We also help them through hosting a well-developed company website and regional websites in many European languages that have been created in cooperation with them.

We are building brand recognition also through other intensive marketing activities, such as: newsletters and systematic product information, special offers, promotional leaflets, as well as diverse forms of presentations, eg. road shows.

Technical Support, Service & Warranty
Our engineers are always ready to dispel all doubts and questions that occur during configuration and maintenance of NOVUS® systems.

Service department, with its world-class technicians and modern equipment, has the ability to quickly solve any service issue.

Product servicing during warranty period as well as post-warranty service is provided for all NOVUS® products. Qualified staff ensures maintenance, service and efficient spare parts handling to all distributors.

Our Products
NOVUS® products are manufactured with attention to quality and handling comfort, but also with great care for the safety of their users. For this reason each component of NOVUS® systems meets the stringent norms applicable in the European Union (CE, WEEE, RoHS), as well as on the territory of the Russian Federation (GOST-R).

European certificate of conformity (CE) guarantees that all NOVUS® products fulfill the demanding safety and quality regulations binding for electric and electronic equipment in United Europe.
NOVUS® products have been designed and constructed in compliance with the RoHS (2002/95/EC) directive limiting the use of hzardous substances in electric and electronic equipment. Completed tests guarantee that the appliances do not contain such substances in quantities that could negatively influence human health or natural environment.
The GOST-R certificate of conformity denotes that NOVUS® products meet the safety and quality norms and standards legally required in the Russian Federation.
NOVUS® products are marked according to the WEEE (2002/96/EC) directive pertaining to handling of waste electric and electronic equipment and, consequently, may not be treated as household waste. Their recycling should be completed by specialized recycling centers. Correct disposal of waste electric and electronic equipment helps protect the natural environment and human health.

Legal Protection
AAT Holding sp. z o.o. (hereafter referred to as „AAT”), located in Warsaw, reserves the right to alter the information featured in this domain (hereafter referred to as “The Website”) at any time. Moreover, AAT reserves the right to introduce improvements and changes in product descriptions, products and services presented on The Website without prior notice. Copying, dispatching, relocating to other servers or disseminating any content featured on The Website in any other form for the purposes of compiling derivative works, without prior AAT consent is prohibited. The “NOVUS” trademark is registered on the territory of the Republic of Poland (Polish Patent Office decision no. 168734) and in other countries (World Intellectual Property Organization registration no. 908844) and - similarly to other reserved names, symbols and logos appearing on The Website – is legally protected, thus it cannot be utilized without written consent of AAT. AAT does not bear responsibility for technical inaccuracies or typing mistakes.